My Passion  is creating beautiful sanctuaries for my clients that bring serenity to their lives.

My name is Steven Cadigan,   Owner  and  Designer.


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​​​​" Why should I choose and entrust                                                                                                               With my Garden Design?  " 

The response is purely honest and to the point.

​The most noticed observation and more importantly most expressed reason others before you have chosen me after interviewing others. . .  Is my Deep  Passion,   Imagination,    Knowledge  and  Project Management experience.

As those whom I've had the wonderful experience of working for discover,   I am fully committed to my clients.

My philosophy is simple... I honor my clients in every way. I know how hard my clients work for their money,  because I know how hard I work for my money and I will never forget or take for granted how hard you do.

​My commitment is to optimize your Garden and happiness within the scope of your budget using your goals, perspective, our joint imaginations and progressive thinking.  I encourage patience for several reasons such as plant selection, optimum quality and Seasonal material availability. Sometimes and more often then not, it's an integral component to the success of an amazing Garden.  Often a beautiful Landscape Project is best executed when planned over the course of multiple phases respective to budgets, so that your budget works in your best interest. I always strive for perfection and I believe that we can come very close. Like all construction, Landscape Construction and Design comes with its challenges and sometimes set backs. But with better foundations,  discipline,   foresight,  preparedness,  planning  and strategy we can navigate thru them and execute amazing results.  We are a full Design, Softscape, Hardscape installation Construction company.

I offer for a modest price Digital Conceptual renderings as an invaluable and almost limitless tool, to encourage optimum transparency in the visual dynamic aspect of your project. It's a wonderful way to see the many potentials for your home and find a deeper more focused direction for you. My clients love to see what their yards can look like before a single plant is installed. It also plays an important roll in visually helping you with formulating a guideline for your budget. ​It's an intimate and patient minded process with many important and detailed steps from Connection thru Inspiration,  Teaching,  Design,  Installation,  Communication,  Execution and important Post Completion follow ups. 

​Renderings are subject to copyright laws and are sole proprietary. Associated fees are in part of Copyright protection, Rendering Service and Expense. 50% waiver available with contract.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment.  

Lets design your Sanctuary        714 - 904 - 1441

3d Landscape Drought Tolerant Design And Construction in Los Angeles

​​After many years of Project Managing and Installation for Landscape Design Firms,
I've followed my dream and passions for plants and design with my own company.
There are some wonderful and talented people in the industry. I'm sure in your search or everyday life you've seen great landscapes and as well some less impressive work. If you're interested in having your home enhanced and are asking yourself where to begin,  who to use,   or. . . . .

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